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Soo Choi



1979 Master of Fine Arts, Ewha Womans University, Seoul, Korea

1977 Bachelor of Fine Arts, Ehwa Womans University, Seoul, Korea

Selected Exhibitions:

2020   Same, Differently, Together. Joint Exhibition with Sehyoon Choi,

          Korean Consulate  Gallery at the Korean Consulate General of the Republic of Korea, San Francisco, CA

2019   Spring in Myeongdong, 1898 Gallery, Seoul, Korea

2003   Brilliance of Light, Altar Commission for Saint Andrew Kim Korean Catholic Cathedral, Oakland, CA

1998   Expressions from the Soul, Bay area Korean-American Women artists exhibition,

          Triton Museum of   Art, Santa Clara, CA

1995   Richmond Creates, Local artists group exhibition, Richmond Art Center, CA

1994   Spirit of Place,  Joint exhibition with Sehyoon Choi, Community Congregational Church Spiritual

          Gallery, Tiburon, CA

1993   Joint exhibition with Sehyoon Choi, Asian Resource Center, Oakland, CA

1987- 1994   Annual California Printmakers Association exhibitions, San Francisco, CA

1984  - 1987   Fort Mason Gallery Exhibition, San Francisco, CA

1981   Merging, Korean Cultural Center Art Gallery, Paris France

1980   Korea Times Award Exhibition, Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Seoul, Korea

1980 - 1981   Yi Sang sculpture group exhibition, Seoul Art Center, Seoul, Korea

1978 - 1981   Annual  Korean Women Artists Association exhibitions, Seoul, Paris

1978 - 1981   Annual Korean Young Artists Association exhibitions, Seoul, Korea

1979    Joong Ang Daily News Award Exhibition, National Contemporary Art Museum, Seoul, Korea

1976 - 1978   Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art Award Exhibition, Seoul, Korea

1974 - 1976   National College Art Students Award Exhibition, National Contemporary Art Museum, 

                     Seoul, Korea


St. Andrew Kim Korean Cathedral, Oakland, California

The Druell Collection, Menlo Park, California

ARTful Catalyst, TMG, Menlo Park, California

Joe Zirker, Menlo Park, California

William Lutt, Cazadero, California

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